Demo Reel

I'm still working on my Demo Reel and will embed it below when it's ready.
In the meantime, check out the opening title sequence I made for the feature film The Throbbit.

You can also see several examples of my work on Youtube.


Movie Credits

Abroad Alone (Short Film 2019) - Writer, Director, Producer - FacS Studios

And In a Moment (Short Film 2018) - Associate Producer - Static Heart Productions

Vulassic Park (2018) - VFX Artist - Richardson Productions

Lizzie (Short Film 2017) - Post Audio Supervisor

4 Tempos (Short Film 2016) - Director, DP, Producer - FacS Studios

Santa Muerte (Short Film 2016) - Special Thanks (Consultant) - Richardson Productions

The Throbbit (2015) - Main Title Designer, Post Audio Supervisor, Production Assistant - Richardson Productions

Ajuste de Contas (Short Film 2012) - Director, Writer, Producer - FacS Studios

Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise (2010) - VFX Artist - Richardson Productions

Only 3 credits per project are featured in this page. To see the full list, visit Fábio's IMDb page.

Resources for Filmmakers

Movie Forms Collection

Template collection of movie forms made by Fábio. Available for free.